In the course of using our website, so-called “Cookies” are set. Cookies are small files which are stored on the hard disk of your computer and allocated to the browser you use, and by the help of which the site setting the Cookie receives certain information. Cookies themselves cannot run a program or deliver viruses or other malware to your computer. They merely serve the purpose to make the website we offer more user-friendly and more efficient for you.

We use the following Cookies:

1) First Party (approval-free)

wp_session   -> WordPress session (Date of expiry-Session)

This session Cookie provides you as the user with an anonymized ID while surfing on our website, so that the webserver can react to the users’ actions (e.g. by providing personalized information).

PHPSESSID   -> PHP session (Date of expiry-Session)

This session Cookie is used to recognize you as a user of our website (e.g. when switching from one website to another website).

cookieCheck (Date of expiry-until modification)

This Cookie is used to temporarily record if you accepted the use of the different categories of Cookies on the website. This Cookie is permanent and will be deleted if you as the user change your Cookie settings.

logged-in Cookie (Date of expiry-Session)

This session Cookie is used at your registration to ensure that you remain logged in also during your access to the various sub-domains of the website as an anonymized user.

2) First Party (subject to approval)

known_user (Date of expiry-4 years)

This Cookie delivers anonymized tracking data and also supports the personalization of website content in an anonymized form.

icl_current_language (selected language) (Date of expiry–Session)

This Cookie saves the language you selected so that you do not need to select the language again if you change pages on our website.

Cookies of Google Analytics (e.g. \”_ga\”) (Date of expiry-2 years)

This Cookie is used by Google for Google Analytics.  This Cookie is used to collect information on how our website is used. We use such information to draw up reports and to help us improve our website. The Cookies collect the information in an anonymized form including the number of visitors of the website via which the visitors came to our website and the pages they visited. The _ga Cookie serves to differentiate the users.