The Snow Experience event certainly lived up to its name this year as the winter weather contributed to some thrilling driving and an eventful weekend set against a stunning Alpine backdrop.

Memorable manoeuvres, premium authentic hospitality and an unexpected snow storm shaped an action-packed two days for the BMW i Pure Impulse members from Germany, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, UK and USA, who had gathered in the ski resort of Sölden.

The weekend began with a welcome cocktail at Das Central hotel followed by a theory session about winter driving dynamics and a delicious four-course dinner, before guests headed to the valley training ground on Saturday morning. It was time to put the theory into practice as the guests learned how to drift, slalom and perform emergency brakes under the supervision of experienced driving instructors, using not just BMW i8s but also BMW M2s.

They performed manoeuvres James Bond would be proud of before following in the superspy’s footsteps and lunching at the spectacular glass-fronted, mountain-top iceQ restaurant, one of the locations in the most recent 007 film Spectre. The rest of the day offered attendees time for relaxation – including at the hotel’s top-quality spa – and a farewell dinner in the evening.

An unexpectedly large amount of overnight snow led to swift rearrangements being made on Sunday morning and the participants were soon out on the mountain roads, even if going up to the glacier, as originally planned, was now off limits due to avalanche risks.

Even the challenging weather conditions couldn’t dampen the exhilaration. Driving different BMW X models on the mountain roads, the participants were instructed to properly make use of BMW’s assistance car systems. After an invigorating lunch, some members headed for another spin with BMW X models and BMW i8s, while others departed – taking with them a USB stick with personalised pictures to remind them of their eventful weekend.