Innovation, exploration and acquiring new skills were all on the agenda during this sustainability showcase in Copenhagen, where BMW i Pure Impulse members put their creative skills into practice together and enjoyed the Danish capital’s cutting edge.

The heart of the weekend was the creative brain workshop, through which guests learnt not only about the workings of the mind with special relevance to the area of creativity, but also about core elements of the future of mobility. They were guided by the team from the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity and Carina Gärtner, Product Management BMW i (BMW iNEXT).

Having had the initial preparatory sessions after their arrival on Friday evening – followed by a four-course dinner at organically focused Vækst Restaurant – the BMW i Pure Impulse members dived back into the workshop on Saturday morning. The members from the US, Japan, Sweden, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium were split into groups and the tasks began.

Taking ‘The Future of Mobility’ as the challenge of the day, the members had a lot to discuss as they designed their car of the future. This was finally presented with enthusiasm in the afternoon session to Carina Gärtner and the other guests, while an animator captured the ideas in sketches.

Sustainable mobility was also incorporated into the weekend. A fleet of 16 electric bicycles took the guests to and from the workshop location at the Fenris Motorcycles headquarters. Fenris is a start-up producing fully electric motorcycles, and its CEO Jesper Vind not only welcomed the guests but also introduced the bikes, which had a ‘top secret’ design, in a great addition to the day.

And it was also a ‘low-carbon’ walk to the dining venue on Saturday evening. Having had a sun-filled five-course outdoor lunch from a Peruvian food truck and liquid refreshment throughout the day from a coffee Piaggio van, the guests headed to Spiesehuset restaurant in the hip meat-packing district.

An excellent four-course dinner with accompanying wines was served both in the wonderful outdoor setting and, when the evening became cooler, inside the restaurant, with the chef presenting each course. The diners enjoyed champagne to celebrate their new cars at the beginning of the dinner, while afterwards they were again transported by electric bike back to the hotel, where they discussed the day’s many discoveries until late into the summer night.