Tbilisi is changing at rapid speed: with transformed architecture, repurposed spaces, edgy hotels, an up-and-coming fashion scene and modern takes on culinary classics, a creative revolution is taking place.

In keeping with the inventive, cool spirit, you’ll stay at Stamba Hotel, a former Soviet publishing house where artistry and culture meet traditional structures surrounded by nature and courtyards. The perfect hangout for visionaries, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Get to know some of the city’s most prominent changemakers: Multiverse Architecture’s Gogi Sakhvarelidze and Devi Kituashvili will explain and take you through their latest project, Fabrika – a creative hub that resonates throughout the city. The former Soviet sewing factory with its edgy industrial flair was turned into a place for freethinkers and pioneers. The space is now home to cafés, bars, artists’ studios, shops and educational institutions.

Later on, you’ll meet lauded chef Tekuna Gachechiladze, who will give you insights into traditional Georgian cuisine, in contrast to her innovative signature approach. At her renowned eatery, Cafe Littera, she blends global, modern styles with traditional techniques, creating groundbreaking dishes.

The event will come to a serene end as you venture beyond city lines to Mount Kazbegi. The night will be spent at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, a Design HotelsTM property that blurs the boundaries between the surrounding landscape and the state-of-the-art structure by utilising large glass panels and a nature-inspired colour palette.