Get a feel for exciting on-road manoeuvres while boosting your confidence and safety skills during this half-day driving experience at one of Europe’s premier training facilities with expert tuition. You will be in very safe hands throughout your session, as BMW’s experienced instructors offer theoretical teaching and on-course support while putting you through your paces. On the agenda: emergency and spot braking, dynamic lane changes, exercises in over- and understeering with first drift attempts and a slalom course against the clock – all practised across a range of BMW models with diverse driving technologies. And such potentially thrilling moves come with a serious plus, as you become a safer driver, allowing you to handle unexpected traffic situations beyond the training circuit. A social and fun event – offering great interaction with your fellow BMW owners as well as delicious snacks – awaits passionate petrolheads with an enthusiasm to improve their sheer driving pleasure and get the most from their own vehicle.