Sustainability, inspiring change, creating a better environment for people – these are all elements that are at the core of Closca, a brand that has dedicated itself to producing and selling products that are not only eco-conscious but design-driven. As a BMW i Pure Impulse member, you receive an exclusive 20% discount on all products when ordering online.

Closca’s range includes stylish and edgy helmets, reusable bottles and masks created for those who know that the time is now to make a positive change in the world and take action.

Each item has been carefully engineered and sports unique features, such as the bottle’s strap system, which allows you to attach it anywhere you want to carry it: your bag, suitcase or even your bike. Or the foldable design of the helmet, which is reduced in size by 45% in one second, so that it can easily be stored away in a bag or backpack.

The company’s water app takes the eco-conscious experience even further: Closca Water lets you search for free water refills worldwide and tracks the positive impact you’re making. It even lets you earn and save money.

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