You are invited to join us for the most adventurous BMW i Pure Impulse culinary experience to date: travel with us to Albania and get to know this flourishing country and its delicious cuisine.

Come along and discover the fascinating story of chef Bledar Kola – from humble beginnings as a 15-year-old dishwasher in London, to his rise in the food world, and the opening of his own restaurant, Mullixhiu, in the Albanian capital of Tirana in 2016.

Having previously worked at world-class restaurants including Noma in Kopenhagen and Magnus Nilsson’s Fäviken in the Swedish forest, Kola is now putting his own stamp on the culinary world – and the world is taking note, with an American magazine crowing the slow-food restaurant among the 10 best restaurants in Europe in summer 2017.

But fame was never the goal. Instead, Kola wants to make Albanians proud of their roots and traditions, and therefore has set out to re-invent and innovate the traditional food and ingredients of his country and bring them into the 21st century. Using exclusively local and seasonal ingredients, the focus is on meat, polenta, fish and bread.

Everything is made on-site – including the bread, one of the most important elements of Albanian cuisine, for which the restaurant grinds the grains in the three mills in the front of the restaurant.

After a beautiful welcome dinner at Mullixhiu on the first night of the event, another highlight is waiting for you the next day: a visit to Mrizi i Zanave, a sprawling farm and restaurant located about 65kms north of Tirana, where you will enjoy your next unforgettable local culinary experience. Run by brothers Altin und Anton Prenga – the pioneers of slow food in Albania – Mrizi i Zanave creates seasonally inspired, farm-to-table food that can be enjoyed in the beautiful ambiance of its beautiful rural surroundings.

You will also get to know more of Albania, the Balkan country which is just shedding the shackles of Communism that have bound it for almost five decades. Despite still facing many challenges, the country is now beginning to bloom, and this year has made it onto influential travel guide Lonely Planet’s 2019 “best in travel” list.

Discover its vibrant capital of Tirana during a fascinating city tour, which will not only show you some of the city’s most beautiful spots – think brightly painted buildings and grand boulevards perfect for strolling in the sunshine – but also learn more about the city’s fascinating Italian, Ottoman and communist past.

You will be staying at the revamped Xheko Imperial Hotel, which effortlessly combines luxury and traditionalism to give its guests a comfortable resting place in the middle of Tirana. A dinner at the rooftop restaurant will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning panoramic view over the city at night.

Dive deep into the world of a blossoming city and its fascinating cuisine during what will be one of the most fascinating BMW i Pure Impulse events of the year.

This event includes the following benefits: 

  • Three nights’ accommodation at Xheko Imperial Hotel in Tirana, in a double room, for one BMW i Pure Impulse member and one accompanying guest, including breakfast
  • Transfer from Tirana International Airport to Xheko Imperial hotel on 19 September
  • Welcome dinner at Mullixhiu restaurant in Tirana on 19 September
  • Visit to Mrizi i Zanave farm and restaurant on the 20 September
  • Dinner on the rooftop of Xheko Imperial Hotel overlooking Tirana on 20 September
  • City tour of Tirana on 21 September
  • Farewell dinner at Mullixhiu restaurant on 21 September

Organiser: JI Events & Services GmbH, Hanns-Seidel-Platz 5, 81737 München

Please also note that a participation fee of EUR 390 (incl. VAT if applicable) is payable to the organiser JI Events & Services GmbH.

Booking period from 26 April until 10.00am CEST on 17 May 2019.

In the event of participation requests exceeding the number of available spaces, places will be allocated randomly by drawing lots.

Event language: English