A big adventure awaited the BMW i Pure Impulse members when they took their seats in Bledar Kola’s restaurant Mullixhiu in Albania’s capital of Tirana. Not only did they have an entertaining weekend full of interesting contrasts to look forward to, but also a slow-food revelation, brought to them by one of the world’s most extraordinary gastronomic pioneers, Bledar Kola. Working at the world-famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, he learnt that in order to be truly exquisite, a dish has to be simple. Staying true to this maxim, he served the BMW i Pure Impulse guests a superb menu, including some ingredients he produced himself in his mill.

After a fantastic kick-off in the Mullixhiu on the first evening, the culinary journey of delight and exploration continued at the organic farm Mrizi i Zanave the following day. Here, the BMW i Pure Impulse participants were able to enjoy excellent dishes with seasonal ingredients directly from the farm’s own fields, while taking in the beautiful rural setting. During an exclusive tour of the estate, they also gained insights into the sustainable management of the farm.

And there were more profound insights to be obtained – this time into Albanian culture and the country’s eventful history. After visiting the farm, the BMW i Pure Impulse members visited the ancient city of Kruja and took part in a walking tour of the capital, Tirana, the following day. On the tour they passed the opera house and meandered over the Skanderbeg Square, an oasis of peace and quiet. They also enjoyed the longest cable-car ride in the Balkans, which took them to the peak of Mount Dajti, where a breathtaking view of Tirana awaited them.

For two days they were able to leave their fast-paced lives behind and practise slowing down – whether in the streets of the thriving capital Tirana, in the sustainable restaurant with authentic Albanian cuisine, or while meandering through the fields of an organic farm.

None of the participants had visited Albania before, but by the end of the stay, many had already decided that they would return.