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Six Senses instantly became a pioneer for a new kind of responsible travel when it was founded in 1995. Imagine what responsible travel represents and the priorities become clear: respect for the environment and sensitivity to the local community. At the same time, guests have a chance to reconnect with nature and discover a renewed sense of calm and well-being. For Six Senses, however, these values are not only influences – they are a mission statement. As the company’s very name implies, Six Senses has an especially high reputation for wellness, catering to the mind, body and spirit of its guests. This goes much deeper than routine massages and other therapies to revitalize tired limbs.

At Six Senses, guests can expect in-depth consultations and therapies from renowned guest practitioners as well as the hotel or resort’s own professional therapists. Since the company has an Asian heritage, it is appropriate that Six Senses now starts and finishes each of these wellness therapies with a signature Singing Bowl ritual, claiming to create a “soothing humming vibration” to promote balance and relaxation. This is a satisfyingly idiosyncratic, but calming step that fits the brand and should, quite literally, ring true with guests.