Fifty BMW i Pure Impulse members from the UK, Germany and Poland got to judge the judge during a visit to Mere, the restaurant of celebrity chef Monica Galletti, best known from her appearance on the UK version of MasterChef: The Professionals, and her sommelier husband David.

Spoiler alert: the evening received a high score from all those attending. After an apéritif of champagne and delicate canapés at the ground floor bar, guests then took their seats at the downstairs dining area.

The hosts took the time to explain all dishes and wine pairings in detail before four incredible courses found their way to diners’ plates. Featuring a tantalising combination of South Pacific and classic French influences, the menu included octopus, pumpkin, wild mushroom and marmite agnolotti, a veal roast as well as a sophisticated twist on the classic New Zealand hokey pokey ice cream dessert.

Special guest Mary Rennie from BMW UK also spoke, before Galetti and her husband returned after the meal. Both spent a lot of time talking to guests, answering questions and taking pictures with anyone who wanted a visual memory of the meeting.

Upon departure, attendees received a signed copy of Galetti’s book “The Skills” as a gift and reminder of a wonderful evening.