With a wonderful beach-side setting, top-quality hospitality at a range of locations and a high-class event in The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, BMW i Pure Impulse members were treated to a sun-kissed Californian celebration of the past, present and future of mobility.

The opening evening set the scene, with welcome activities taking place at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn with its wonderful location right on famous surf spot Cowell Beach. BMW i Pure Impulse members became fully acquainted with this beautiful seashore location, with the official welcome taking place at the Beach View Room and the evening ending in the Jack O’Neill Lounge, named in homage to the well-known surfer and inventor. In between, they enjoyed mingling, a buffet-style dinner with Napa Valley wines and the very much appreciated first showing of the new “best of” BMW i Pure Impulse movie.

The event’s centrepiece – a visit to The Quail, one of the world’s most important motorsport events – began bright and early the next day with a shuttle service to The Quail Lodge & Golf Club. The 30 BMW i8 owners from Europe and USA spent the day exploring The Quail, a prestigious showcase of cars and motorcycles that demonstrate the best of old and new.

This year’s edition didn’t disappoint with renowned automotive companies well represented as well as new companies with concept vehicles. BMW also debuted a new model – the BMW Z4 M40i – at its stand in the middle of the main field. Guests could enjoy excellent hospitality throughout the day from numerous tents and stands, offering a wide array of food and beverages.

The next stop was high up in the Carmel Valley mountains at the BMW Villa. Representatives from BMW North America joined the guests for the early evening event, with a delicious BBQ, bars, an on-site cigar roller and DJ providing a great atmosphere to relax and mingle. The highlight for many was the visit to a closed room in the villa which offered them a glimpse of three exclusive models from BMW: the new BMW 8 Series Convertible, the new BMW X7 and the Concept M8.

Upon return to the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, some guests continued their discussions into the evening at the hotel bar while others retired to their sea-view rooms for a last look at the setting Californian sun after an exciting and insightful day at a much-sought-after event for all car lovers and aficionados.