A trip to Bordeaux proved to be a memorable first for a group of BMW i Pure Impulse guests made up of no less than nine different nationalities – none of whom had ever visited this gorgeous city before –, filled with decadent French cuisine and inspiring architectural, scenic and historic discoveries.

Once arrived at the chic Hotel Burdigala, located only a stone’s throw from Bordeaux’s historic centre, guests were immediately treated to their first authentic French culinary venture: a Champagne reception at the hotel was followed by dinner at the bustling La Brasserie Bordelaise, which gave the group a chance to get to know each other better in a relaxed setting.

The next morning, one of the event highlights was on the agenda, a visit to the innovative La Cité du Vin museum. Opened as recently as 2016, the museum gave guests the opportunity to virtually travel across four different continents as part of a multi-sensorial, immersive experience introducing them to the wines of the world – tastings were included, of course.

After a delicious lunch break at Le Familia, a popular lunch spot just opposite from the museum, the stunning design of La Cité du Vin was the centre of attention during an architectural tour of the building, whose bold curves and flowing lines integrate symbols of wine and winemaking itself.

There was also some more time in the afternoon for guests to explore the permanent exhibition of the museum by themselves, before dinner at Le Davoli, a lively restaurant located in the city’s Saint-Pierre district, concluded the official programme for that day. A music festival taking place all over the city prompted some guests to venture on from there and enjoy the sounds and atmosphere of the city on this lovely evening, which happened to be the longest day of the year.

A fascinating city tour let the group get to know Bordeaux in depth the next day. During a lengthy walking tour, which was broken up by delicious treats, including the local sweet specialty Canelé de Bordeaux, and a visit to the gourmet mustard producer Maille, the BMW i Pure Impulse members saw many of the important historic sites of the city, such as the opera house, the Place de Quinconces and the Bordeaux Cathedral.

Dinner at the traditional La Tupina restaurant, which has been a local favourite since its 1968 opening, was the final official item on the agenda, before the group made their way back to their home countries the next morning.