What is AI? How does it affect our lives today, and how will it shape our society in the future? Explore all this and much more during the exclusive BMW i Pure Impulse online event Living with Artificial Intelligence.

There is no escaping Moore’s law – the doubling of computing power every two years ­– which enables fast developments in sensor technology, AI computing, robotics and the automotive industry. No one knows the challenges, opportunities and innovations around this arena better than high-tech systems scientist Maarten Steinbuch, who will share his knowledge throughout the evening. A distinguished professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), he has dedicated his research to the design and control of motion systems, robotics, automotive engineering and fusion plasmas.

His research group is a RoboCup world champion which produces soccer-playing robots. As such, his team dives into questions such as: will robots outperform humans? Or: what would happen if there were mixed teams? The resulting findings can be applied to service robotics for at-home care as well as to self-driving vehicles for agriculture, logistics and industrial applications. As we develop and teach robots how to behave, one big unknown arises: when will the roles reverse? Will AI soon replace us?

Take a glimpse into the future by joining Living with Artificial Intelligence this April.

This is a complimentary event, free of charge for BMW i Pure Impulse members and alumni.


  • 8PM CEST, 7PM BST,
  • 2PM EDT, 11AM PDT.

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  • Access to the exclusive interactive online session with Maarten Steinbuch.

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