The opportunity to meet and learn from someone at the very top of their profession, inspiring and individual insights, and an excellent location, service and weather all contributed to a high-quality one-day workshop event in Zurich.

The Hotel Atlantis by Giardino was the setting; Matthias Schranner, CEO and Founder of the Schranner Negotiation Institute and one of the world’s most famous negotiators, was the expert who led the workshop. He started the event after guests had arrived and been welcomed by Isabel Theissen, Product Management BMW i.

Throughout the day, the guests from around Europe learnt advanced strategies for difficult negotiations, such as how to deal with unjustified demands, how to manage stressful negotiations, how to negotiate with difficult partners, and how to use deadlocks to their advantage.

Even though numerous breaks were arranged – offering premium hospitality, the chance to mingle, a group photo and a session where Mr. Schranner personally signed copies of his book ‘Negotiations on the Edge’ for the guests – the enthusiastic attendees were eager to return to the insightful workshop sessions.

They were also impressed by Mr. Schranner’s individual insights and appreciated the opportunity to speak with him one-on-one about challenges in their own professional lives. Using expert techniques, he unlocked individual solutions which they could use in their lines of work. This expertise combined with the guests’ openmindedness throughout the event allowed the attendees to make some eye-opening personal discoveries.

The day ended with apéro riche on the terrace, allowing the guests to enjoy the late afternoon sun that made the event even more enjoyable. Mr. Schranner spent a little more time with the guests who, after his departure, continued to discuss the event’s topics and takeaways long into the Zurich evening.