A weekend full of innovative design and future food scenarios was on the agenda for 50 BMW i Pure Impulse guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

For many, it was their first visit to Eindhoven, a lively city which combines history and modern architecture and technology. The event kicked off with a welcome dinner at Brasserie Lumen at the Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven, where guests also stayed during the course of the weekend.

Special guest on the evening was food designer Chloé Rutzerveld, whose work guests would learn more about the next day. Attendees received a signed copy of her recently released book “Food Futures” as a giveaway that evening.

Dutch Design Week’s representative Ingrid van der Wacht also joined the dinner and shared insider information on the city and the design event, which guests had the opportunity to visit the following morning.

The next afternoon, guests were transferred to Sectie-C, a collaborative workspace for creative entrepreneurs, where a fascinating tour with Ms Rutzerveld and workshop with motion designer Govert Flint was waiting for them.

This interesting and fun afternoon was finally followed by the highlight of the event: a seven-course experimental vegetarian dinner at De Treeswijkhoeve restaurant. Two Michelin-starred chef Dick Middelweert and Ms Rutzerveld worked together on the innovative menu –by the end of the evening, even the toughest carnivores had been won over!

Sunday was another chance to explore more Dutch Design Week venues for the guests, who made the most out of their time in Eindhoven and left with a host of memorable impressions of this fascinating city, pioneering designs and a fresh take on the future of food.